The Meaning Behind GoVanguard

When starting a new idea, we always try to reduce the concept down to its simplest, fundamental parts. The theme that led the branding ideation behind GoVanguard was being on the forefront of security and technology. This is a requirement in our field, particularly because the one constant in business is change; this is more true in security and technology. To follow this thought process, we must keep our tools, techniques and processes sharpened at all times and always look to continuously improve. For this and other reasons, the word Vanguard stuck with us for a few reasons:
  1. The foremost division or the front part of an army.
  2. The forefront in any movement, field, activity, or the like.
  3. The leaders of any intellectual or political movement.
The analogy of white hat information security specialists being soldiers doing battle against malicious software, advanced persistent threats and state actors is a common and accurate analogy. In many historical references to battle, the best soldiers would make up the vanguard or frontline. Many were so frightened to do battle that if these brave souls didn’t display the courage and valor they did, the other waves may have dropped their weapons and retreated.
Our logo, in it’s current form, is distilled down to three elements with variable meanings. The top portion is a G formed from the universal icon for a power button. The arrow underneath signifies the V and is formed from a GPS navigation arrow. Together they resemble a person, denoting our services and company must be people-centric, something we cannot lose sight of. The power button for the head indicates a turning on or empowering of the mind. The navigation arrow connotes direction and guidance, something most of our clients turn to us for in regards to security. Lastly, the shield is of course a symbol of protection, strength and fortitude, illustrating our deep commitment to our employees and customers.