Organization Wide Transparency

As a company, we believe in transparency as a central pillar. First and foremost, transparency is the right thing to do. Secondly, we believe commitment to transparency as a company focused on the hardest components of information security, compliance and privacy, is a striking position to take. Lastly, reducing the opacity of information security, compliance and privacy goes beyond our company to contribute to the greater world.

Thus, we strive to:

  • Open source our security processes and procedures.
  • Contribute to the open source community with tools and scripts we have developed in house.
  • Openly share our expertise and insight with our customers.
  • Be forthcoming about our strategy as a company.

Transparency creates trust, and—never forget—trust is the currency of security.

Service Agility

Today’s marketplace and business climate necessitate an agile approach to service delivery, assuring responsiveness, reliability, and peace of mind. While DevOps and software development have become significantly more agile over the past decade, typical information security services like network penetration testing have struggled to keep up. Our team is born and bred from DevOps and we apply the same workflow automation principals and methodologies that make DevOps fast to our own information security processes.

We understand that faster delivery times and more accurate results decreases operational costs while allowing our clients to remediate security risks faster than ever before and reduce the time-to-market for their mission-critical applications. In short, we are committed to delivery times of an agile startup with the quality results of “the big guys”.

Continuous Innovation

Our innovation goes beyond customer interaction and insight (as described above) but also in our techniques, methodologies and tooling. We currently have over 200+ tools integrated into our security assessment workflows, many of which are our own open source tools and scripts,. The data overlap from this plethora of tools allows us to significantly reduce the number of false positives and false negatives in our assessments which leads to faster remediation on the part of our clients. Additionally, we are continuously integrating new tools discovered from the darknet to ensure that our attack simulation is as realistic to a malicious actor as possible. Lastly, we are always on the forefront of security working on bleeding edge technologies like Block Chain security, security of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Platform Security to meet our clients’ emerging needs.

Our commitment to continuous innovation provides our clients with more insightful and accurate deliverables on an ongoing basis.