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Mylobot Continues Global Infections

CenturyLink Threat Research Labs has been tracking the Mylobot botnet, a sophisticated malware family that is categorized as a downloader. What makes Mylobot dangerous is its ability to download and execute any type of payload after it infects a host. This means at any time it could download any other type of malware the attacker […]

Chinese Threat Actor TEMP.Periscope Targets UK-Based Engineering Company Using Russian APT Techniques

Employees of a U.K.-based engineering company were among the targeted victims of a spearphishing campaign in early July 2018. The campaign also targeted an email address possibly belonging to a freelance journalist based in Cambodia who covers Cambodian politics, human rights, and Chinese development. We believe both attacks used the same infrastructure as a reported […]

Inside Magecart

Profiling the Groups Behind the Front Page Credit Card Breaches and the Criminal Underworld that Harbors Them REFERENCE: https://cdn.riskiq.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/RiskIQ-Flashpoint-Inside-MageCart-Report.pdf TAG: magecart INDUSTRY: Retail

Operation Shaheen

Operation Shaheen was an espionage campaign executed over the course of the last year. It was a targeted campaign which appeared to focus on individuals and organizations in Pakistan, specifically the government and the military. REFERENCE: https://threatvector.cylance.com/en_us/home/the-white-company-inside-the-operation-shaheen-espionage-campaign.html GROUP: APT ADVERSARY: Shaheen INDUSTRIES: Government, Military TARGETED COUNTRY: Pakistan

Inserted Malicious URLs within Office Documents Embedded Videos

In late October, security researchers from Cymulate showed a proof of concept (PoC) exploiting a logic bug that could allow hackers to abuse the online video feature in Microsoft Office to deliver malware. We indeed identified an in-the-wild sample (detected by Trend Micro as TROJ_EXPLOIT.AOOCAI) in VirusTotal, using this method to deliver the URSNIF information […]

Muhstik Botnet Reloaded – New Variants Targeting phpMyAdmin Servers

The Muhstik botnet was first exposed by Netlab360 researchers in May 2018. This botnet targeted mainly GPON routers. At Intezer we found that Muhstik is extending its spectrum of compromised devices by targeting web servers hosting phpMyAdmin. REFERENCE: https://www.intezer.com/muhstik-botnet-reloaded-new-variants-targeting-phpmyadmin-servers/ TAG: gpon ADVERSARY: Muhstik

Emotet launches major new spam campaign

Emotet is a banking Trojan family notorious for its modular architecture, persistence techniques, and worm-like self-propagation. It is distributed through spam campaigns employing a variety of seemingly legitimate guises for their malicious attachments. The Trojan is often used as a downloader or dropper for potentially more-damaging, secondary payloads. Due to its high destructive potential, Emotet […]

Attack uses malicious InPage document and outdated VLC media player to give attackers backdoor access to targets

Targeted attack that used a language-specific word processor shows why it’s important to understand and protect against small-scale and localized attacks as well as broad-scale malware campaigns. The attack exploited a vulnerability in InPage, a word processor software for specific languages like Urdu, Persian, Pashto, and Arabic. More than 75% of the targets were located […]

Operation Mystery Baby

A hacker group likely supported by North Korea has launched an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack by inserting malicious code in a popular South Korean security program. APT attacks are typically characterized by being sophisticated, long-term attacks aimed at monitoring information and stealing data rather than immediately causing damage to a network or organization. REFERENCE: […]